News Update: Doxa Leadership Presents Doxa Praise & Worship Coming up on 29th,March. 2019 ..... Eclectic Leadership Conferences Tagged "Building Leadership Capacity according to the Pattern" Coming up on 1st. May 2019 ..... Strategic & Charismatic Leadership Conference Tagged "Raising AArrows in the Quiver" Coming up on 1st. Oct. 2019 .....


....Raising and Reproducing Leaders with Distinction


To raise Exceptional Leaders through the teaching of the word and fervent Prayer 1 sam. 2:35......


To train,Develop and produce effective quality leader who a were transformed from followers into first class leaders


Light is a source of luminous energy that causes a sensation of vision, enabling us to see. The power rating of the light determines the intensity of the brightness. MT5:14 " You are the LIGHT of the world, a city set on a hill, cannot be hidden ".Light put us on top and set us on pinnacle of life,which we cannot be hidden. There are degree of light Natural Light e.g sun, moon and star Man-made or Artificial Light e.g candle, electric lamp,and fluorescent lamp Divine Light :God is the main source. God is the divine light and in Him there is no darkness at all.He is divine light that illuminate everyman that comes into the world. The world was dark, shapeless and formless, when God said " Let there be LIGHT ".Light came into existence and entrance of God's word brings Light. The Light of His word turn us to spiritual illuminance. Our relevant in life is in Light.Nothing opens destiny as light.Light rule o er darkness, anyday,anytime and anywhere. In order word, darkness has zero resistance to light.Light shines in darkness and darkness comprehended it not.John1:5.Every light bearer is a commander over darkness We cannot gain mastery over darkness by noisy brass,twinkling cymbal of shout or ray of light,but by beam of light that is life.Light is equal to life.In Him was life and the life was the light of men.Light has nothing to do with age, we can be as old as Methuselah, if we have no light, definitely we will lack Glory.Until light appears, Glory remain hidden. The quest for light is our seal for dominion .The struggle of our lives are not product of what we earn,but our lack of adequate light. The combination of receiving light and believing in light,empowers our full scale manifestation. You shall shine forth effusively, illuminating your world of influence with glory and power.You are the light of the world, burning and shinning light You are welcome to a New Year of heralding dominion as LIGHT Happy New Year Pastor Vincent Osolake convener of Doxa Leadership +2348027382308/+2348038356160

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